Take a look at these common questions and answers before you contact support about your problem with the My12Inch.com.

Q. What was up with Safari?
A. My bad. I accidentally dropped a cookie crumb in the milk, and it blew Safari up!

Q. What is the My12Inch.com?
A. It's a way to get new records via mp3, in its various versions, downloadable from an easy to use website.   Unlike most pirate MP3 record pools, our content is legal for promotional use and isn’t sent via email so your email box isn’t clogged with music.  We provide over 100 new tracks every month before you can get it from anywhere else and all our songs can be previewed before downloading to save you time.

Q. How much does it cost?   
A. Only $50 a month gets you access to the most comprehensive record pool in the industry.  Unlike traditional vinyl record pools that cost $75-$125 we aren’t limited by the number of vinyl pieces we receive.  We provide access to all the music that the top Djs in the country get to all our subscribers. 

Q. How do I submit music?
A. Email (Instrumental, Ac-cepella, Dirty, and Clean version) to musicupload@my12inch.com. Please include your Record Label Information and Contact for proper tracking: Artist Information: Name of Song: Release Date: Sound quality control: Mp3 should be 192 kbs or greater to insure good sound quality.

Q. How do I register for My12Inch.com?
A. If you already about our value click JOIN NOW for fast registration. If you want to see what you get first click RECORD POOL, check us out, and then follow the links to the registration page.

Q. What do I need, to get it to work for me?
A. An email/web mail that can view html (Outlook, Entourage, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail all work well), and a compatible browser.

Q. I signed in, what do I do now?
A. Click on a song in the list to listen/rate/download. Click on stuff on the blue nav bar at the top to explore.

Q. Can I skip the review please?
A. Your opinion is incredibly valuable to the record labels and artists.  Your feedback is helping the record labels put out music that your listeners want to hear.    

Q. What if I can't hear any music to give the review? What do I do?
A. Download the latest version of the flash player here!

Q. How do I download the music?
A. After you provide us with your honest review (we WANT you to tell us if a song is wack or dope), you'll be able to check off what versions you want and download them in a zip file.

Q. What if I forget my password or user name?
A. Give it a best guess (which will be wrong cuz you forgot it :-). The "login failed" page gives you the option enter your email and reset the password. This will send your login and a temp password to you via email. Your password is changed only after you login with the temp password.

Q. What if my account information changes?
A. Your email address, address, and password, etc., may be changed at any time. Click on MY INFO ==> EDIT PROFILE to change your information or password.


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